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Research & Development


OSF has 12 machines available to conduct tests on customers components. Added to these are the machines at such companies as REM GB and REM USA, Rösler Germany and Best Finishing Italy as well as machines at other partners' facilities. In total more than 60 machines are available for research and development.

A major part of our activity is to carry out research to develop improvements to existing processes or to develop completely new techniques for components that have hitherto been manufactured or finished using alternative methods.

The object of our R&D can be very simply defined as follows:

  1. To reduce the manufacturing cost of a component whilst maintaining the engineering qualities.
  2. To improve the engineering qualities of a component without increasing the manufacturing cost.
  3. To combine 1 & 2 so that the engineering qualities are not only improved but that the overall manufacturing cost is actually reduced.

OSF is also involved in research being carried out in combination with several leading Universities such as the RWTH Aachen, the TU Munich and the TU Vienna to name but a few. We have also been involved in two FVA projects to investigate the effect of superfinishing on gears.

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