Processing facilities

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For those companies or individuals who do not have sufficient production to warrant the purchase of vibratory finishing equipment or others who do not  want to invest in such machines OSF offer sub-contracting facilities.

We have a complete range of machines available varying from 2 litres for processing a handful of small work pieces up to 1600 litres for large components having an individual weight of up to 2000 kgs.

We specialize in the finishing of high value, low volume goods such as gears in all shapes and sizes, as well as engine and transmission components and other precision items. A particular specialty of ours is the Isotropic Super Finishing of large gears, a field in which we have become the European leaders. Our experience covers all types of gears including large spur and helical gears up to 800 mm diameter as well as pinions up to 1400 mm in length. We can also ISF inverse gears sometimes referred to as "hollow wheels", of up to 1500 mm diameter and having a weight of up 2000 kgs.



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