Osro Super Finishing, (OSF), was formed in 2007 as an independent sister company to Osro GmbH which itself was formed in Germany in 1976.  The core business of Osro GmbH is the supply of equipment and chemicals to carry out  REM chemically accelerated vibratory finishing as well as the ISF process. However, during 2005 and 2006 it was becoming increasingly obvious that the needs of the manufacturing industry were changing and that more and more companies preferred to send components out to be finished rather than purchasing equipment to carry out this operation themselves. Also there was a need from several existing customers to increase their finishing capacity to reduce finishing bottlenecks. To meet the needs of these companies it was decided to separate the already successful service department of Osro GmbH and turn it into an autonomous company.

As well as offering Isotropic Super Finishing using the established and world wide acknowledged REM ISF process we also offer superfinishing using other vibratory finishing techniques.

Further to offering a sub-contracting service OSF conducts research to develop new processes and processing techniques for existing OSRO GmbH customers and other interested parties.

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