Aviation and Aerospace

The aviation market is interested in how the ISF Process can affect their aircraft’s speed, range, noise levels and operating costs. Parts used in helicopters and aeroplanes function in critical environments where reliability and performance cannot be compromised. The ISF Process is metallurgically safe; is FAA certified and has been tested, proven and currently is in use in both military and civilian aircraft.

Before/After cast 713 airfoil
Before/After cast 713 airfoil
Before/After aerospace gear
Before/After aerospace gear
Before/After tail rotor gear
Before/After tail rotor gear

The benefits are:

  • Increases contact ratio's and bending fatigue resistance

  • Lowers noise and vibration

  • Decreases friction and wear

  • Reduces temperature

  • Extends mean time between maintenance

  • Increases power density

  • Creates options for smaller engine and less weight

  • Reduces maintainence costs

OSF has considerable experience of processing components for the Aerospace industry. Please note however that special insurance cover is required before we can carry out tests on such components.

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